Our research group is located at the Kroto Research Institute and affiliated with the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, The University of Sheffield. We use interdisciplinary approaches that integrate the concepts and expertise from chemistry, physics, biomaterials, cell biology and microbiology to develop materials and systems for biomedical applications.


Current research areas include:

Designed short peptides as antimicrobial/anticancer agents and gene delivery vectors.

Microfluidic fabrication of nanoparticles/liposomes for drug delivery.

2D/3D Printing:

Inkjet printing of self-assembling peptides for cell patterning. Inkjet printing of flexible/wearable devices. 

Reactive inkjet printing of self-propelling silk swimmers for mixing and sensing, and micro-arrays for healthcare applications. 

3D bioprinting for tissue engineering.


Biomolecular interaction at interfaces.

Surface functionalization for biocompatible surfaces, antimicrobial surfaces, and biosensor applications.

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